Street Art Gallery

20 thoughts on “Street Art Gallery

  1. You are an amazing gifted artist with a talent for making people happy. Your characters should be made into a movie. They have so much expression that they really touch people. I wish I had such a talent. Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. I have been a long-term fan of your work. Such generosity to share your art!
    I love Philomena; we have a winged pig on top of our home. We have named our home “SwineAloft”. Thank you for your amazing art!

    • It’s available in several stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan (and hopefully expanding to other places soon), and you can always pick up a copy here.

    • Great idea! I’m still wrestling with the complications of drawing a comic book on the sidewalk, but in the meantime, you can find my imaginary friends collected in both book and calendar form in my store. Cheers!

  3. I am an older woman living in a Healthcare facility in California. Your chalk art makes me smile and that’s better than my B12 shot. THANK YOU! !

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