Sluggo on the Street, Vol. 1

9 thoughts on “Sluggo on the Street, Vol. 1

  1. I love your works! Make me want to pay a visit to Ann Arbor. Any chance I can buy your books in Taiwan or China?

    • Thank you! At present, the book is only available locally in Ann Arbor and via this website’s store page. I am looking into arrangements for wider distribution, but there are no firm plans for China at present.

  2. I work in South Lyon and met your mom (as a customer), sweet lady. She was wearing a sluggo tee-shirt, and I said, I recognize that slug!!!!lol She gave me one of your cards. I am an artist and love painting and color pencils and have been searching for someone in the area who teaches illustration, mostly childrens illustrations, and I was wondering if you ever give classes or have workshops. I love your work, and your imagination. Thank you for your time. Laurie Stevenson

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