Every Day a New Slate: Some Thoughts on Etherial Art

David Zinn Art from Create Michigan on Vimeo.

If you have ever wondered where David Zinn’s chalk art creatures come from, how they are made, or why a rainy day isn’t nearly as much of a problem as a sunny one, please check out Create Michigan: David Zinn Art for a conversational examination of the techniques and philosophy of small-scale temporary street art.

14 thoughts on “Every Day a New Slate: Some Thoughts on Etherial Art

  1. spreading light & joy generously is an act of grace.
    Love, humor & the creativity coming from those sources
    are the only real strengths of humanity to me
    and you are magically overflowing with all ..
    thank you so much for your work !

  2. It’s a wonderful gift filled with giggles and glee that you’ve shared 🙂 You are an extraordinary artist with a very generously kind heart.
    The Rotary theme this year is, “Be a Gift to the World”
    And you are an amazing gift to the world!! Thank you

  3. Stumbled across one of you pictures of your artwork on a coffee shop window and then searched you. Your work is amazing and very selfless. Just wish we had street art like that in Glasgow. Shame about the rain.

  4. Thank you! I love your art and just found your site! This video resonates on so many levels. My art isn’t temporary but it is digital and I feel like when I publish it it is “gone”. I’d love to try 3D street art when the rain ends.. In six months.. 🙂 Thank you for cheering us – that’s what I do with my art too! 🙂

  5. I discovered your very moving and sweet artwork only recently. Thank you for your beautiful imagination. Ann Arbor residents are so lucky to have you sharing slivers of a childhood we almost forget.

  6. 非常喜欢您的作品,感谢您创造出来的快乐!

  7. Hello David,

    I guess I can translate Chinese into english to you. Yin Guanyu said, I like your work very much. Thanks for bringing so much happiness. ^ ^
    (You are popular in the world.)

    I feel lucky to know you and see your work. After dear Michael Jackson died, you are the first person who show me a pure and kind world. I don’t know if graffiti and slogans are forbidden there. Maybe you could draw some cute things or draw some short stories with a theme such as “protecting the earth” and “caring for children”. And your postcards could have a theme or tell some stories(one sentence per postcard, one story is composed of about seven postcards. Or poems. ^ ^ I really hope to see your work in different places.)

    All the best,


  8. When I’m feeling down I take a look at your artworks and it makes me feel happy again because you touch on a very important fact that it’s ok to enjoy today, it doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings, do your best today thank you x

  9. I miss you in Germay!!! All the grey streets here are waiting for your creatures. I love them all, and if you ever come to Germany, I wish ohne day to go out colouring together. At this time my English will be better😂

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