Far-Flung And Underfoot: Traveling Street Art 2015

18 thoughts on “Far-Flung And Underfoot: Traveling Street Art 2015

    • You’re in luck! I have a limited-edition signed print currently available at http://212arts.com/new-products/. I also have some original works (painted on small pieces of found material) returning from an exhibition soon, and I’m planning to add those to my online store after processing. Cheers!

  1. Awesome Gift you taught yourself. Great work. If ever you make it to Waco, Texas Downtown would welcome some of your creations.

    • Thank you for considering me in your plans! The honest truth is that I use pretty simple materials: regular sidewalk chalk, vine charcoal, and sometimes cheap pastels if there’s a color I can’t get my hands on otherwise. Really, it’s all about the smudging and the shadows… so if you can get your hands on some crayolas and a well-burned stick, you’ll be in business. Cheers!

      • Thank you! I have painted my front door with “chalkboard paint”, and my soon-to-be-wife and I leave drawings for each other.

        I recently learned the power of the smudge. Now I need to add some shadows.

        All the best!

  2. Griass di David!

    We are loving your “works“…they are so lifely..we are a big family with small kids in austria.
    In the middle of the mountains.clear lakes and mountains for climbing arround us. We have a nice house and space for guests(-;
    Would be cool to meet you, you are heartly invited. (Not for painting)
    “Just“ to meet you! May you can get some inspiration.

    Sounds maybe crazy, but we always say you have to be spontaneus during your alive (-;

    Let us know when you will be in Tirol.
    Meantime we are wishing you a great time and colourfull moments

    Liebe grüße
    Family weber

  3. These paintings are so lovely! There are beautiful children’s stories in those pictures, I love the little figures. I’d love to sit beside one of these with a bunch of kids, and just start telling a story, and let the kids join in with the fantasy they draw from pictures like that. Awesome!!
    If you ever come to St. Catharines, ON, Canada for art work or work shops, please post it on your site. I’ll definitely be there!

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