Far-Flung And Underfoot: Traveling Street Art 2015

27 thoughts on “Far-Flung And Underfoot: Traveling Street Art 2015

    • You’re in luck! I have a limited-edition signed print currently available at http://212arts.com/new-products/. I also have some original works (painted on small pieces of found material) returning from an exhibition soon, and I’m planning to add those to my online store after processing. Cheers!

  1. Awesome Gift you taught yourself. Great work. If ever you make it to Waco, Texas Downtown would welcome some of your creations.

    • Thank you for considering me in your plans! The honest truth is that I use pretty simple materials: regular sidewalk chalk, vine charcoal, and sometimes cheap pastels if there’s a color I can’t get my hands on otherwise. Really, it’s all about the smudging and the shadows… so if you can get your hands on some crayolas and a well-burned stick, you’ll be in business. Cheers!

      • Thank you! I have painted my front door with “chalkboard paint”, and my soon-to-be-wife and I leave drawings for each other.

        I recently learned the power of the smudge. Now I need to add some shadows.

        All the best!

  2. Griass di David!

    We are loving your “works“…they are so lifely..we are a big family with small kids in austria.
    In the middle of the mountains.clear lakes and mountains for climbing arround us. We have a nice house and space for guests(-;
    Would be cool to meet you, you are heartly invited. (Not for painting)
    “Just“ to meet you! May you can get some inspiration.

    Sounds maybe crazy, but we always say you have to be spontaneus during your alive (-;

    Let us know when you will be in Tirol.
    Meantime we are wishing you a great time and colourfull moments

    Liebe grüße
    Family weber

  3. These paintings are so lovely! There are beautiful children’s stories in those pictures, I love the little figures. I’d love to sit beside one of these with a bunch of kids, and just start telling a story, and let the kids join in with the fantasy they draw from pictures like that. Awesome!!
    If you ever come to St. Catharines, ON, Canada for art work or work shops, please post it on your site. I’ll definitely be there!

  4. Hi, I ran into your work on instagram and I could not love it more! I would love to start doing some street art but I don’t like the idea of using stencils with toxic spraypaint… but the chalk thing is just brilliant. (Let’s not get into how beautiful and original and cute are the pieces themselves because otherwise I would have to write at least two-page essay here.) I just have one question. Doesn’t it bother you that your work doesn’t last? I mean, it can stay in the streets for like a few days and then the rain washes it or something. Or do you use something that makes your pieces last? Like some special chalks? I’m becoming a huge fan, by the way. 😊

    • Hello, Lucie! Thank you for your kind comments; I hope you will try out chalk as an alternative to stencils and paint. Not only is it simpler to do and easier to carry around in your pocket, it is also considered legitimate busking art in many communities – and making some money in a hat is far preferable to running from the authorities. As for the lack of permanence: believe it or not, there is something specifically freeing about knowing your art won’t be around forever. I create my happiest, most immediately gratifying work when I know a thunderstorm is on its way. I can always take photos of the ones I like, and draw something else in the exact same place tomorrow.

  5. I was so inspired by your work so I tried to do draw some. But the sidewalk chalk was not smudged well.. What kind of glove should I use??

    • I get the best results from work gloves with rubber- or polyurethane-coated palms and fingers . . . but any gardening gloves (or even an old piece of fabric) can work. Have fun!

    • Good question! I think all the most recent chalk art was erased by the weekend’s rain, but I have three permanent installations in Ann Arbor: a one-story mural on Fifth Avenue between Liberty and William and two art-wrapped utility boxes at the corners of Liberty & First and Main & William, respectively. None are exactly like my sidewalk creatures, but the last one does contain a 3D illusion if you figure out where to put your camera.

  6. I just love love love 💘 your work!! I just cant get enough. I want to purchase everything.
    Thank you for sharing your passion with us all.
    Love from Pomona Ca, ( The outskirt of Los Angels…

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