Temporary Preserves: Chalk Art by David Zinn

Temporary Preserves front coverAfter an almost year-long journey and hundreds of gestures of encouragement from all over the world, this full-color, full-size book of David Zinn street art is finally available for purchase! The concept began as an Indiegogo campaign in December 2014, formulated by arts promoter Carolyn Bishop and facilitated by promotional support from VideoVision 360. After many months of collective work and contributions of support from 32 countries, these plans have finally been realized: to preserve and promulgate photographs of fleeting chalk art installations which, having been inspired by a desire to step away from the computer, are ideally experienced the same way. Hence this solidly bound coffee table book. Click on the “shop” link on the left to order yours today!

3 thoughts on “Temporary Preserves: Chalk Art by David Zinn

  1. Dear Mr. Zinn,

    I like U and your work. You are so imaginative, kind and excellent. I can see your passion to life with a childlike innocence. There is a Neverland in your heart. The reality can’t get in the way of the people who stay gold and hold on to their dreams. I’m pleasure to know you and your story and your amazing art. I was moved and I have a strong desire to know such a good person. I’m preparing to send you a email and a email and a email… If the address is info@zinnart.com. Feel happy to find it. ^ ^ But I still hope you can reply my emails. So I decide to write something here and write a long paragraph. Then you may notice me haha . Am I clever? And I want to try chalk drawing so that I can send you a picture in my first email. Please don’t care my illogical words. > <
    I'll like you and support you forever. I hope you can still have a pure heart and enjoy your life after 50 years.

    Best wishes for you,


  2. Hi Mr.Zinn,I like your pictures,they are amazing for me to realize a new world. I come from china,I often immersed in the world of fairy tales even through I grow up. Hope to receive your reply I would be very honored to.

    Best wishes for you,

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