Interviews & Reviews

Interviews & Reviews

Headline from Upworthy article

"Public art is an act of love to strangers, a way of connecting to people without saying a word. It says, "Hey there, fellow human. Here's a little something to make you smile, just because."

That's the beauty of David Zinn's street art. It's meant for the public—just average passers-by—to enjoy, individually and collectively."

- excerpt from "Street artist creates delightful 3D scenes in walls and walkways for everyone to enjoy," Upworthy, August 2023 


Viral Chalk Artist David Zinn Shares Tricks of 3D Art Process, Character Inspiration - Double Talk Podcast


screenshot of David Zinn from Double Talk podcast



Headline from My Modern Met article

"Because each of these pieces is made using chalk, they are, by nature, ephemeral and will wash away with the elements. This vulnerability, however, makes the artwork a precious find; you know that Zinn made a special effort to bring life to a small part of the city, even if its lifespan is only for a couple of days."

-excerpt from "Charming Chalk Characters Come Alive by Cleverly Interacting with the Environment," My Modern Met, March 2023

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