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Lost and Unfounded, LLC

The Untold Tales of Nadine

The Untold Tales of Nadine

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After months of being spotted on the streets of Ann Arbor, Nadine (a.k.a. the Mouse in the Blue Dress) has finally found her way onto the printed page!

This slim booklet is two things: a collection of Nadine's courageous moments and an experiment in interactive storytelling. Each of the twelve interior photos is accompanied by a chapter title (e.g. "Nadine and the Verdant Chapeau") and a lightly lined blank page on which to record the as-yet-unknown details of her adventures! (For repeat use, additional stories can be stapled inside or collected by other means.)

Suitable for children and adults, The Untold Tales of Nadine has been designed for use as a creative catalyst and boredom breaker. Half of each edition is being donated to hospitals, schools, and community centers, hidden inside free libraries and otherwise distributed where it can do the most good. The other half is available here, where you can help support this project by bringing Nadine's adventurous spirit into your own home! (Sneaking her onto the coffee tables of friends & strangers is also encouraged.)

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